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Online Diploma Course

In the online diploma course, you will learn the basic Swedish body care treatment techniques with videos.

There is no procedure guidance, but it is possible to take a one-off procedure course (school / Zoom compatible).

(You can access the video for 3 months from the start of the course. With email follow-up such as questions)

For those who wish, we will prepare for the final online test once at Zoom.

* Course expiration date: 3 months from the date of purchase of the course

Course fee

​¥ 18,900 (excluding tax)

Includes online teaching materials (procedure video + test), online examination fee, and diploma issuance fee.

Course procedure

  • After purchasing the course, we will email you how to log in to the video site.

  • Video viewing & text practice * With question email follow-up

  • Final online exam (passing criteria: correct answer rate 65% or more) * Applicant zoom exam preparation course 1 time

  • Issuance of certificate

Apply for an online diploma course

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