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[Short term 8 days] Whole body Swedish massage diploma course


8 days (20 hours in total) salon commuting one-on-one procedure lessons.

For those who are new to the body, therapists who want to expand the range of treatments, and those who want to acquire care for themselves and their families, we will directly teach the procedure. If you are attending from a distant place or a rural area, we will also consult with you about your accommodation.

* Use online teaching materials for preparation and review

It is a system that allows you to learn efficiently in a short period of time.

* Course expiration date: 6 months from the date of purchase of the course


Includes procedure guidance (salon attending school), online teaching materials (procedure video + text), online examination fee, diploma issuance fee, and certification badge.


Venue: You can choose from Kyodo Salon, Seijo Salon, and Chiba Salon.

[Short term 8 days] Whole body Swedish diploma course

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