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It is a soap using the essential oil of Manuka, which is well known as Manuka honey among Maori herbs.

Manuka oil has long helped in the health benefits of people.

Research results on antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. In addition, it is said to be good for acne, chilblains, itching of the skin, etc., so at this time when cleanliness is important, you can wash your hands refreshingly without removing excess sebum, so those with weak skin It is also recommended.


【customer's voice】

SN in his 30s

I'm really into the good foaming ^^ Also, the way the soap flows is smooth and it feels good after washing! is.


EI in his 40s

I have been repeating it for a long time. When I took it to my travel destination, I was stabbed by a horsefly, and when I washed the stabbed area thoroughly with Manuka soap, I was surprised that it became clean immediately without swelling! I felt the power of plants because even mosquitoes usually do not heal easily and become traces.

Manuka & Tea Tree Soap

¥1,420 Regular Price
¥850Sale Price
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