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Foliage aroma oil treatment

~ Swedish Body Care ~

It is said to be the origin of oil treatments in the world

Swedish body care . A method that carefully stretches deep muscles based on anatomy, body care that is also adopted as care for the world's top athletes, and treatments that are familiar to people all over the world as a standard menu of luxury spas around the world It's also a method. Foliage offers this Swedish classic style treatment.

* Made in Germany [High-concentration oxygen oil]

Combine with herbal blend oil.


" Swedish Body Care "

Part 45 minutes ¥ 8600

Whole body 90 minutes ¥ 16800

Whole body long 120 minutes ¥ 23000

Foot Swedish Care Lesson

50 minutes ¥ 12,000 

☆ With high-concentration oxygen O2 oil or organic herbal cream

This is a course to learn Swedish style self-care method for the whole foot. (Face-to-face or zoom compatible)

By continuing to take self-care at home, you can make it even more useful for yourself and your family.

[Especially recommended for the following people]

〇 Those who are worried about swelling of legs and cold body

〇 Those who want to keep the foot line beautiful

〇Those who are worried about stiff shoulders and eyestrain


" Sole reflex & lymphatic massage course "

30 minutes ¥ 3500

Mineral foot bath / sole 25 minutes / ankle lymph 5 minutes

45 minutes ¥ 6500

Mineral foot bath / sole 35 minutes / calf lymph 10 minutes

60 minutes ¥ 10000

Mineral foot bath / sole 45 minutes / thigh & calf lymph 15 minutes /

"Perfect course for swelling of legs"


60 minutes ¥ 10000

Mineral foot bath / Thalasso pack (below the knee) 15 minutes / sole 30 minutes / calf lymph 10 minutes


90 minutes ¥ 13000

Mineral foot bath / Thalasso pack (whole foot) 15 minutes / sole 40 minutes / thigh & calf lymph 20 minutes

60 minutes sole self-reflecting course 

¥ 10,000 

With high oxygen O2 oil or organic herbal cream

Learn how to care for the reflexes on the soles of your feet at home. (School or Zoom)

You can further improve the health of yourself and your family by continuing to massage your feet at home.


Balance therapy

Balance therapy is an oil-free treatment that combines dry body care with deep tissue techniques inspired by traditional oriental medicine.

By balancing the entire body, including bones, joints and muscles, and stimulating specific points, it improves blood circulation, reduces stress, relieves tense muscles and pain, increases range of motion and breathes. Deepen.

30 minutes ¥ 5,500  / 45 minutes ¥ 8,600 / 60 minutes ¥ 10,500   



July New Moon in Leo

Harmony treatment

7/21 (Tuesday) and 22 (Wednesday)

​​ 60 minutes  ¥ 15000

We will deliver a retreat that goes around the body according to the moon constellation based on the "cycle of the moon and body" that has been handed down for hundreds of years in the Tyrol region of Austria.



Detox and Relax

This is a special course for those who are usually busy and do not have time to take care of themselves on a regular basis, so that they can detoxify and relax both physically and mentally at one time.

We offer custom-made treatments. (Swedish massage, sole reflexology, thalassotherapy , phytotherapy , balance therapy, hot stones, care by moon phases cycle, etc.)

Counseling 10 minutes + course 120 minutes

* If you wish to take a shower after the session, please use it with plenty of time.

(Please indicate at the time of booking.)

Detox & Relax Course

120 minutes ¥ 24200


Swesidh Massage

Oil Body Massage: learn more

From: 45  min ~

​¥ 8,600



Oil Foot Massage: learn more

from: 30min ~

​¥ 3,500


Balance Therapy

Non oil therapy: learn more

from: 45min ~

​¥ 8,600

English menu

Swidish Massage

--Oil Treatment  ---

Swedish Massag  is one of the most popular type of massage therapy on which all other styles of oil  massages are based. Swedish Massage itself is rooted in the anatomy of the human and physiology of the human body, and it works by connecting on specific mascle groups at a time. It involves applying mild, moderate or deep strokes down the back, arms, legs and other body parts to target tissues and muscles for maximum pain relief, stress release and relaxation.

This style of massage has many benefits, namely: it keeps you health, both physically and mentally. It helps you maintain your figure; and it allows you to relax.


Oil Zone Therapy

--Rwo Shr Method  ---

Rwo Shr Health Method is the well known method of stimulating all 64 the reflex phrases corresponding to the whole body from the sole of the foot to the knee using hand and fingers. By incorporating it into daily life, it helps support the natural healing power of nature.Using Rwo Shr Health Method can help improve our health as we stimulate the foot reflex zones regularly with proper procedures and massage techniques. This method (Reflexology, zone therapy) helps to create a healthy harmonious state within the body and triggers the body's natural Reflexology is the application of specific pressure by the practitioner's hands, thumbs, and fingers to reflex points in the client's hands, feet, or ears.Please feel free to try this health method, that is familiar with over 50 countries in the world.

Balance therapy

--Non oil Treatment-

Balance therapy treatment uses a combination of dry swedish massage, therapeutic and traditional oriental medicine-inspired deep tissue techniques. This massage focuses on stimulating specific points to improve blood circulation, alleviate stress, help relieve muscle knots and pain as well as increase range of motion ..

Rwo Shr
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